Stefania Frangista is a brand cultivating unique yet timeless Swimwear and Clothing.

Born in Athens, Greece, Stefania, a sea lover and beach girl at heart, launched her first swim collection in 2009 in pursuit of making a cooler swimsuit.

Her goal is to provide a new wardrobe system for strong, environmentally aware women, who care about the planet and where their style comes from.



We aim to support local industries and production in Greece.

Our products are 100% made in Greece, sewn with superior craftsmanship and years-long experience, reducing our carbon footprint as well as assisting the local community.


The majority of our fabrics are made in Italy and Spain and are of the superior quality, extending the life of our products as much as possible.

Aiming to becoming more sustainable every year, we have introduced eco-friendly fabrics to our collection and aim to be using them increasingly every season.

Whenever you see this sign Eco-Friendly image you will know that the fabric used for this product is made of 100% ecological and recycled yarns made from plastic bottles and waste from the Mediterranean Sea.


We are transitioning to having all of our swim bags to be made from 100% compostable plant materials.


Both our mailer bags and shopping bags are made of Kraft paper, which is 100% bio-based, biodegradable, and recyclable.


Our commitment to sustainability guides us to designing transcendental products that are going to give pleasure for many years to come.

We aim to make a difference. Trying our best to be part of the solution, not the problem.

We will continue working on finding ways for our brand to become even more earth conscious. Stay tuned for more.

Stefania Frangista