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Pink Sands was founded in 2009 by Greek designer Stefania Frangista.

The idea was born on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, where the 21-year-old Stefania and her two girl friends had gone on vacation during their spring break. The story goes that the girls lost their luggage and had to buy a new bikini each for their weeklong stay. Having no other choice, they had to pick one of the bikinis offered, even though neither the fit nor their fabrics and prints particularly pleased the girls.

As they lay on the Pink Sands beach later that afternoon, Stefania realized that she always had difficulty swimwear that was both fun and well fitted, made of great quality fabrics yet at a more reasonable price.

Somewhere between the pink sand, the fruit punches and the beautiful pastel colored sunset…the idea was born.

One and half years later, Stefania put her idea in practice. She started her own swimwear label and called it ‘Pink Sands’.

Stefania Frangista received her BA in Liberal Arts from Brown University, RI (2006) and an AAS Fashion Studies degree from Parsons New School of Design in NYC (2008). She gained experience in fashion at the shoe design departments of Alexander McQueen, in London, Michel Vivien in Paris, and Calvin Klein in NYC. She then returned to her home country and started her own swimwear label.